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by geppettoGESTAPO

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This is your fully compensated introduction to the world of (g)eppetto (G)estapo; 2 brothers and a collective of artists living in an absurd, sci-fi world. The freebieEP is a collection of remixes and unreleased material to wet your palette.

Feel free to turn out the lights.

Bela Lugosi lurks just behind you.

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released June 9, 2009

Music By Geppetto Gestapo (Except where noted)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


geppettoGESTAPO San Francisco, California

Two brothers born into the cosmos and left to make music conveying story and song from the creative depths of their minds. gG was born from the sweltering ashes of the modern American dream, in a vast multiverse, in the prison of purgatory lost in the sixth dimension of Earth.

Their music moves from electro to hip hop to metal, no rock left unturned.
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Track Name: Lost In The Fog {from LOST IN THE FOG EP - Coming In 2009}
are we lost in the fog of the city street lights?
are we lost in the fog of our lives?

we breathe in moments
we give our lives
to the
after he
revealed his lies

we all breathe in futures
exhale all pasts
it's the speed of light
on this night
a raven hatched

it was out of chaos
born with midnight wings
it sings the songs of all redemption
from its
crystal dreams

it's a world of beauty
with nothing behind
after we
close our eyes

we all breathe in mystery
we breathe its mist
as the city streets
suffers beneath
its whirling kiss

of a death all warranted
absurd and lost
as we become
red eyed robots
we forget all thought

lost in a
maze of buildings
coated with its haze
its homogeny
imagine if we
reversed our space

it's a world of beauty
with nothing behind
after we
close our eyes
Track Name: In a Hallway We Meet (Saxon Shore Vs. gEPPETTO Gestapo Remix)
her hand drifted back and forth

like a feather

into mine

the wind . . .
a spoiled kid

trying to etch its way
to the front of a
wayward line

a chilled glass of tea
a malbec wine
the view of an open sea
a sort of dream-like ride

the tabloid zine
covered with
pieces of mail

quarters & dimes

a Harper's monthly
the sci-fi junkie
hooked on meth
reading books
on IRS fines

they gather
in the nest

their arms are
right around,
a perfect landing
forever standing
on the
tips of
our toes

to see those cities
hear them buzzing
hear their humming
are we glowing

with a lime

now taste the snakes
as they flicker their eyes
i taste the apple
i'll take the truth
over time

in the warmth of the sun
we see
the receding tides

these are the things on the mind
a number this simple
only prime

all around her


i see

just another


like me

in the hall way
we meet a


Track Name: Interlude {from Tone999's E11EVEN - 2005}
Track Name: The Castaway {from Vignette Marionettes - 2006}
it seems like
elevators moving to the top of the 21 first century
the one and only last loves calling you their

last theory

to surmise

you have worked
you have been
washed up on the shore

left to die

and this is why

you have worked
you have washed upon the shore
left to die

and this is why

only by great schemes with their streamed themes of

into the eye
of this high rise
a tide
moving like
brittle cattle
sent to slaughter
by the falter
of their stances
the brain
shifts and advances
romances the mind

one spirt

darkened by

what's calling you from that side
all sides
all around
inside you
eating you all
like a hive mind meant
to feast on that fleece
burning slow
as the ocean blankets
the silence

you have worked
you have been
washed up on the shore

left to die

and this is why

you have worked
you have washed upon the shore
left to die

and this is why
Track Name: The Castaways {from Tales From Beyond The Galactic Fog}
We washed ashore
And saw everything and anything as pure
Live lavish,
then you’ll be
singing savage,
on and on you
go through the fray
You’re a time warp
Into the
Cerebellum, antebellum
Of this record now
Spinning on and on for endless days

We have scratches to save
And your monies exchanged
The melodies of
Our iron butterflies
Spreading their
Invisible wings
We spread salvation indefinitely
In slow motion, the planting of seeds
Lest we
no thief behind

We got six pairs of eyes and
A mouthful of cries

Tossing and turning
Like a spindle weaving a warning
Grooving thru
A shock to the system
Brain child with no means to now mention

Crusty eyes
Porous, crimson, velvet eyes
Robotic and red
Pearly whites
Why did we start with one big bang?

We're all Castaways
Track Name: Jane's Addiction - Whores (I Love 'Em - NINJA Remix)
Lyrics By Perry Farrell
Track Name: Jane's Addiction - Chip Away (Rotting Core - NINJA Remix)
Lyrics By Perry Farrell
Track Name: Nine Inch Nails - Another Version Of The Truth (Dimension Mix featuring galacticSON) {from gG's Year Zero Remixed}
{scene: phone call to loved one, recorded by government. outbreak of disease cover-up}

black eyed being sits in her red regular car
knife slash backwards
they stitch up after
just look at her arms

the distance to the nearest town
she knows not how far
the blackness of her pupil
are spades on faded cards

see, god has sent her
and time has spent her
where have we gone?
she says we're slaves in basements with expensive cars

there's nothing she can do
this is just how we have evolved
with tooth and nail
cut-throats prevail
there's no system to solve

we're a virus running rampant
in our streets and our malls
in her shopping bag she carries
her unflinching resolve

she'll feed on you
she'll do what she do
in her blackness she tastes every dimension of you

hear our car alarms sound off
hear that beep beep beep?
hear our elected leaders call out
sheep sheep sheep

you can see in her eyes
we're an expansion of lies

see the memory of humanity in blood stained tides
Track Name: Nine Inch Nails - Zero Sum (The Final Sum Mix) {from gG's Year Zero Remixed}
other lyrics by Trent Reznor featured on Year Zero.


as the claw moves down from electric clouds
the shaking fury
the face of god
the siren sound

in your shadow outlined with the meadow's eve
our final thoughts
we cannot grieve
for concrete rivers
for concrete seas
for homogenous nations with cultures to feed
i mean

the sum of all zeroes' means nothing at all
the final syllabwith the lights died down
the final call
the curtain swell

the memory of today
"seems like salvation to me"
a rattle snake rattling with neon teeth
the final Adam
the final Eve

in golden branches lies their dirty hearts
wrapped up in foil with a feather dart
love letters written in fair Romeo blood
a homely photo
a pocket watch

as we gather our things
as we shut down the ships
as the palace burns behind us

"and all that could have been"