Songs of Thaumas & Eros EP

by geppettoGESTAPO

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    the Songs of Thaumus & Eros

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off in the distance, these are the neon lights blinking, drawing you into the middle of a vast desert, the owl sits alone on the branches, in his eyes are an ocean of information. hypnotizing you. a collection of songs based on the dynamics of

la collection of songs based on the dynamics of
life changes, winds blowing,

worlds turning,
fog mist drifting
like billions of god-like creatures mixing
in multidimensional spaces
glowing neon ankle-bracelets
John Hughes movies on repeat in the basement
here's the key,
he's locked inside
watching us, watching him
the professors have all died

and we cannot face this snarling decline
into the gypsy's lingering eye
a deck of Tarot
an ancient marrow
it's lost in molecular design
defines the peace lost in her solid gold tooth
each card, more the proof
lost to the suits burning in significance of actual truth
actions are nothing, words are the muse
the strength of the noose

we must die in our former lives tomorrow
cause the future is the proof
and the now is our propelling

opens their hearts
see the prism light fracture apart
circling into some perplexing state
of coding grace, it
opens the Gates,
the stars dim,
see the owl spin his head
we are doin it only for its sake
tasting the glorious
sounds of the underground

the songs of Thamus & Eros . . .

about to unravel your brows & fuckin face.


released February 4, 2011

all music by Tone999 & galacticSON
except 80's Nite, co-written by Rafe Sweet

lyrics by galacticSON

mixed & mastered by Clint Allday in Flagstaff, AZ



all rights reserved


geppettoGESTAPO San Francisco, California

Two brothers born into the cosmos and left to make music conveying story and song from the creative depths of their minds. gG was born from the sweltering ashes of the modern American dream, in a vast multiverse, in the prison of purgatory lost in the sixth dimension of Earth.

Their music moves from electro to hip hop to metal, no rock left unturned.
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Track Name: 80's Nite
these are words I've longed to say to you
they're wrapped in guidance
over bridges thru
out the windows I can hear your call
I can hear you in
the hallway songs

of the 80's
make a rotation
they play
Chevy Chase

they are family in the dreams inside
was a hand written note:

"in love, we combined"

designed by fate
defined by you
my pops lived an extra day
because of you
it's in the winds of sun
are in the waves of moon
an entire life
will conquer soon

an entire stage
for an entire age
the entire plan
to see entire change
entire selves
entires lives
as we grow together
the strife

that's why


were borne by moonlight
on 80's Nite

that's why I stopped and turned around
and you emerged within the electro sound

my body can't be found
if i can't even move to stand my ground

with our future in our eyes
like a John Hughes movie we'll live our lives

that's why

you and i

were borne by moonlight
on 80's Nite
Track Name: Thaumas & Eros
the words and i build a beautiful beat
the streets

will i
see them?

will i
beat them
all to bury layers thrown upon me

can i
break them?

can i
shake them
to the cores,
the yonder shores are speaking to me

shall i
swim to them?

shall i
give to them
my fears
appears a phantom beckoning me

should i
tell him?

should i
meld with him?

i must peel the layers away,
the flower blossoms to a sunlit
day, i must find a culture
somehow to learn
to satiate
in a canopy

will we
ever speak?

will we
ever dream
to the scenes of a completed means
we wanderin free

could we
escape it?

could we
take it
to the rivers wash away our eternity

am i

or am i
& alone as the sun circles home
my bones and body

is it
a vulture
like our evolving culture?

i must peel the layers away,
the flower blossoms to a sunlit
day, i must find a courage
somehow to learn
to satiate

if i knew
of their
feel the wonder inside

i must peel the layers away,
the flower blossoms to a sunlit
day, i must find a courage
somehow to learn
to satiate
Track Name: The Real You
i peel back the layers want to get thru today
& I fight for the vacuum of our future dismay
it will be okay
the gypsy say
i look in her eyes at the lingering stray
its the ace of cups that the tarot made
the cards lose their color & drain to gray
the ascension played
she's a watering womb
she cackles out loud
you need a stronger you
can it be so soon
in life and truth
my hands are cracked and wrinkled
i see you lost in their grooves
don't stop so soon
but what will you do
cause time has no knowledge of how or whom
or the shadow's gloom
as he follows my lead
i'm drained of all blood & gravity
when you're away from me
i'm a casualty
an absentee of an older me

we're both in need of the real you

and i become the chime for eventual reprieve
the rain and blame
wash away
grimy disease
& I do believe in our destinies
the gypsy's gem
higher zen
imagine a beam
is the cardinal creed
of totality
self realized and battling
for the strength to be
alive in the countenance of you
my fears dissipate in the glowing soothe
of a discovered you
& what will we do
the fractured end
our binding grin
in tune with the proof
of our fortitude
as i wait for the moon
to shower waves
calm our wait
pull our pistols out at noon
and the gyspy croons as
i walk from her dreams
i see this could all be reality
and the tarot screams
and lifts from the page
the banality of our fighting cage=
don't be afraid
don't dissipate
we all have a means to get this straight

we're both in need of the real you
Track Name: The Gates Open, the Stars Dim
and as the owl awaits the morning light
to peel back his eyelids

oh the dismal display of the hunt
in the night

i can hear rather than see

the spectacle of a morsel
slithering its carcass

it's a dead man walking
a blind man stalking
a deaf man talking
to a mangy cat in the brush

the crackling of life's gnarled branches
under the feet of the meek
under the thumb of the mighty

to tithe thee to go free in murky sea
a radio free technology of expedited greed
on the markets speed
a 7 minute spending spree
a million dollar finder's fee
see the serpent seethe
bite into knee
the ecstasy of the king kill successfully
rebelling against an entire culture's mythology
of happiness compartmentalized demagoguery

wandering alone at the dawn's early light

i open me wings
i twirl me head
i open me beak
to the dream
of an infinite sky

in dimensions of multiple times,
are we all writing

do i need to testify that i
am one
in the theory?

as muscles finally settle
i can speak only sentences
cluttered and battled
as i move off
from inside tree canopies
as a glorified

i open up the Gates

the Stars dim

in me

i say

good night