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The epic saga and genesis of the story of glom&Glame starts now.

all our previous releases have alluded to these moments, these stories of tragic death, rebirth, existentialistic absurdity on the tips of our tongues.

we now begin our new trilogy of records:




from the paranormal prison of outer space, where the lost soul of Bela Lugosi sits, watching you, us, them. He is trying to escape our future purgatory, and only gG can stop the Zeus-like Gods from returning to the soil of Earth.


released April 29, 2011

music by geppettoGESTAPO

gG is Clint Allday aka Tone999, Curt Allday aka galacticSON, & Jon Gerdemann



all rights reserved


geppettoGESTAPO San Francisco, California

Two brothers born into the cosmos and left to make music conveying story and song from the creative depths of their minds. gG was born from the sweltering ashes of the modern American dream, in a vast multiverse, in the prison of purgatory lost in the sixth dimension of Earth.

Their music moves from electro to hip hop to metal, no rock left unturned.
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Track Name: Talk to Me
those cells
those tubes
they're not you

as it knocks, we look away
"not today'

why now?
what did i do?
how us?

and soon you'll be gone
so now

let's talk

talk to me

i've lived this life you've given to me
but soon you'll be gone so talk to me
as it come and knocks
we look away
come and realize there is greater things

we will be alright just wait and see
we will be alright eventually

i have been the prodigal son
i have been the fortunate one
i have been in the midnight of the mystery of death and won

i have breathed in all your passions and loves
i have loved every moment as we watched the rising sun

i have learned with you a million miles and in a million miles i have run
i have watched a-gasp at your superior dignity for us
i have seen the edge where you went to tread, and you never said enough
i have received the price of this process
and in it i found self love

we are sons and daughters
born of you
borne again in this moment, who are we?
you are we
you are me
father and daughter
father and son
through this experience of pain and sickness
we all become a process

we are forever together
as long
as one
Track Name: Castaways
We washed ashore
And saw everything and anything as pure
Live lavish,
then you’ll be
singing savage,
on and on you
go through the fray
You’re a time warp
Into the
Cerebellum, antebellum
Of this record now
Spinning on and on for endless days

We have scratches to save
And your monies exchanged
The melodies of
Our iron butterflies
Invisible wings
We spread salvation indefinitely
In slow motion, the planting of seeds
lest we
no thief behind

We got six pairs of eyes and
A mouthful of cries

Tossing and turning
Like a spindle weaving a warning
Grooving thru
A shock to the system
Brain child with no means to now mention

Crusty eyes
Porous, crimson, velvet eyes
Robotic and red
Pearly whites

Why did we start with one big bang?

Castaways, Castaways, We’re All Castaways
Track Name: Mind of Microfilm Projectors
a sea of confetti bursting from the mouths of purring calico cats
as open caskets bellow words of consternation
a picture of me coffee in hand
with microphones, chalkboards, Europeon post cards,
a day inside the laundry mat
with a body marveling and expecting as the world is hungry spending its fate
brilliant, neon colors flash to beats that carry rhythms of the urban demand
BMW sportscars, 2AM in the graveyards
the planets now have all our plans
in Moroccan sands
with a gem in his hand

we are now one mind of microfilm projectors
I, I've got that mind of microfilm projectors
you, you've got that mind of microfilm projectors
we are now one mind of microfilm projectors

then fog is breathing and the shadows start to tango to the march of the men
Lee moves then, onward up the middle, and the nights are filled with alms of the dead
shaded hue, gym clothes, exaggerated metal pose, dizzy from the bakery bread

with a body made of magic yearning for the mighty blowing infinite winds
the sheep is soaked from top to bottom and the autumn leaves that melt in the rain
wrestling nights, backyards, science fiction book cards,
the lasting look of his sunken frame
in the Kenyen plains
with his blood in my veins

we are now one mind of microfilm projectors
I, I've got that mind of microfilm projectors
you, you've got that mind of microfilm projectors
we are now one mind of microfilm projectors
Track Name: Ghost Ride
i was born from the silence of a grooving fog
the dimension of dreams
moves the confusion of the siren beams
borne from the destruction of the core of Earth
painted galactic mimes
a tyranny of tirades that's imminent and irate
tarantuals comin alive in the checkout lines
with the street lights and a black pen marker
the shammy i wash with becomes a mic
becomes Bob Barker and the Holy Ghost with a flossed out grill
don't pay me in cash
pay me in pills on the "Price is Right"
on some
ancient street sign
I see eerie blinking lights
from the clouded fog of menagerie
and diaries lost and fogotten
like Bee-la's name
these elements eating the soul of the hip hop game
rhyme after rhyme
and emcee after emcee
life after life
but it lends thee
it lends thee
the time
to make up
your mind
every which way i ride

ghost ride

as you lie there awake
you realize there is no other track left to take
but the one left staring
at your eyes

you see him there
you ghost ride
to the other side

you ride
Track Name: glom & Glame
She whispers
these names
Over the moss green hills and misting rain

she turns
from blue
to grey

in the cliffs of moor in the form
of her cattle crow and her red eye
albino steed

the deeds are known
by the ancient throne’s
magicians whose bones

are cast
at last
with her phantom reign
she moved through glass
and reached out to me

calling out over

the fields
the planes
the infinite terrains
of her chorus and the

final remains

with the eel
the wolf
the red heifer
the folk
all in unison
all in a clashing stride a-midst a blind stampede
still moving in three, still living to grieve
still in rivers of her marrow slithering through seas

until it’s on and on
while my eyes are closed and dawn
is intertwined in the silver linings of time and thought

into the oceans
she pushed me off