Dimension of Dreams LP

by geppettoGESTAPO

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this is the conclusion to the gG saga.

A continuation from Mythos Pathos, Dimension of Dreams is a concept record for the modern absurdist, sci fi junkie. There's something of everything for everyone. In these tales from the galactic fog, it is ultimately the realization of the deified infection for our protagonists, glom&glame. Through a litany of coincidental happenings in a world of chaos, they are thrown onto the perpetual doorstep of destruction.

This album depicts the various stories playing out in the panoramas inside Bela Lugosi's lair, his doorway to an alternate reality of Earth; they are personal tragedies and tribulations, true insights into the struggles of real lives.

It asks philosophically, can one experience them, full integrating and sensing pain, and still turn away with indifference??

As it is not enough to say what happens, happens.

This is a genre bending record with a fiery conclusion, as the Earth is in true peril from the world eater himself.

Jump off with us into a new dimension of modern dreams.


released December 1, 2011

gG is:
Clint Allday- bass, programming, mixing, etc., etc.
galacticSON- vocals, kaossilator, lyrics, etc. etc.
Jon Gerdemann- guitars, keyboards/synths, mastering

1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13: recorded by Clint Allday & Jon Gerdemann Phoenix June-July 2007
9: recorded Clint Allday & galacticSON
Flagstaff/San Francisco 2009-2010
3: recorded by Clint Allday in Flagstaff 2008
6: recorded by Jon Gerdemann in San Francisco 2008
7: recorded by Adrian Wong in San Francisco 2008
13: recorded by Clint Allday & Jon Gerdemann 2007-2008
in Phoenix



all rights reserved


geppettoGESTAPO San Francisco, California

Two brothers born into the cosmos and left to make music conveying story and song from the creative depths of their minds. gG was born from the sweltering ashes of the modern American dream, in a vast multiverse, in the prison of purgatory lost in the sixth dimension of Earth.

Their music moves from electro to hip hop to metal, no rock left unturned.
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Track Name: (g)alacticFANGS
robotic eyes
robotic fangs
sunk into the middle of carotid veins

geppetto's near
as they run yellow wires
bombs cant penetrate galactus fire

into his
dimensions of dreams
murder scenes

leaving through
portals of time
ship blasts through gaping galactus guise

while blood is spilled
while blood is drained
galaxy of the future now waxes and wanes

pillow is drenched
teeth gnash and scrape
the gestapo clung tight to the ends of his cape

virus installed
mind turned to glue
infectious rhymes
infectious grooves


robotic fingers, arms, and knees
his mouths stand open for robotic disease

robotic tongues
robotic hearts
they leap from time portals as he rips them apart

and now
killer whales are screaming
the stars are leaving

galactic eyes
galactic fangs
when are you gonna free me from galactic things

galactic force
even in the here and after
spot still glowing on for days
behind the vast curtains of galactic haze

galactic eyes
galactic fangs
when are they going to free me of galactic things
Track Name: Castaways
We washed ashore
And saw everything and anything as pure
Live lavish,
then you’ll be
singing savage,
on and on you
go through the fray
You’re a time warp
Into the
Cerebellum, antebellum
Of this record now
Spinning on and on for endless days

We have scratches to save
And your monies exchanged
The melodies of
Our iron butterflies
Invisible wings
We spread salvation indefinitely
In slow motion, the planting of seeds
lest we
no thief behind

We got six pairs of eyes and
A mouthful of cries

Tossing and turning
Like a spindle weaving a warning
Grooving thru
A shock to the system
Brain child with no means to now mention

Crusty eyes
Porous, crimson, velvet eyes
Robotic and red
Pearly whites

Why did we start with one big bang?

Castaways, Castaways, We’re All Castaways
Track Name: notFORsale SIGN
in the downward sloping
cigarette tide
there lies
the truth you compile
as the type writer
it’s keys
pale white lengthening
your fingernails
so bleached
straw hair bent back reveal to me
show me your confounded spine
show me

There’s something he’d like to buy
He with his long face, piercing black, beady eyes
Yet realized like phosphorous rising from the damp earth of reconciliation
The minerals of discontent revealed like pornographic obsessions and filtered drug induced sunsets where he sits yet writing of our amusing stories, writing of our frequent miseries and marginal pleasantries wrapped in the divinity of flesh
This is the price for our forgiveness, this eruption from the bowels of the planet, in the fiery furnace and core where fiery lions with as many heads appear with thunder and winds and
brimstone calling for you to behold:
His fires will taste you,
they will lick their lips of your flesh, break you
singing of karma of heavens of virgins of everlasting hell
Men fighting men and chewing the flesh, tasting the impurity
Of death revealed in the absurdity of life as they themselves
Feel their bones chewed upon by the gnawing, binding feeling
bubbling with the beginnings of our great lost world
the beginnings of our genesis, our adam and eve
see through me
see beyond me
look within me
you’ll find
the creature of wants and needs
that will betray you

in the downward sloping
cigarette tide
there lies
the truth you compile
as the type writer
it’s keys
pale white lengthening
your fingernails
so bleached
straw hair bent back reveal to me
show me your confounded spine
show me

you’re as crooked
as your blood thirsty crimes
do they
comfort thee?
Floating in the waves of a long distant sea
Could be
The timely decree
Of a minion of the devil who became
Our God
But can it
Awaken thee
Let the heretic be absolved of this
Take me to an infinite bliss
Show me
Track Name: Behr Ave (Lullaby to Kate)
with this head in these hands . . .

i can hear the sound of your voice over the cluttered silence
brimming over the side of the coffee mug in the corner of my desk
once grasped
once touching your lips
as i quietly

touch mine

trying to remember what it may
have felt like

the apartment's lights are on and the chairs seem spent while leaning
up against the door where i saw you say that you were leaving
us all behind
in the shadows
like a light blinking
upon the rocks

behr ave
Track Name: Bobbie Brenner
Bobbie Brenner was the first to meet her maker's end
from the heart of the swamp in a Bayou lagoon
asour moon caved in with shaded craters and split
yeah, we'll all know soon,

this devil was out on the mend.

While he targeted pointy fingers at the far off train
she's chugging through like gristle glistening on the tarry roads
as the albino crow ceased his game of peck and receive,

yeah, that's how the devil plays his game...
it's only to win

If you dwell in darkness of the morning, sleep awake
each sound a gong of fury forsakes a will to escape
as the country side hiding a curried sunrise as the lights dim down.

yeah, that's where it all went down,
this devil...
decided to wait.

By the sound of rapids wrought by reeds by river streams
and steam rose from the estuary and baked her calloused feet
each victim's blood clot like coy fish in the middle of the Dead Red Sea

The devil's always you
Bobbie Brennar died in the Bayou
The devil's all she knew

"yeah, this blade shines for all damnation," she screamed.

look how she gleams,
look how she dreams that, in her mind,

Bobbie Brenner will always be a winner.

Bobbie Brenner, Bobbie Brenner will always be a winner
Track Name: Fibonacci Sequence
the droplets were parachuting
from the tips of the leaves
of sycamore trees
moving to the missions of the wind and breeze

as we

were mythic
never to stray
scattering our sermons like amber waves,
sucking out the marrow from the imperialist haze
and gaze

at the fetal dove
strung up in love
constantly distracted by the media maze
lights and magic from knick knacks to cabbage
on the outside of our window panes

the veins

but you just move on!

popped out yer chest to my behest
it would never be the one you ever stressed
guessing and confessing while the moon decides and chides
whether you or I
or him
or why
would i pick him or the sky

I said neither because I

am the fibonacci sequence hyphied up on speed
hear the pitter patter mimic its numerical creed
while weaving through the sequence of infinity's weeds
growing under the canopy of your watered trees

go around and around but the fog's making me see
the apartment in the horizon coming up on me and
the hills still hide the path where you and I were almost "we"
the notice on the door staring back at me
as we

were mystic
Track Name: Parallel Lives
Astroids collide
Behind the galactic veil
of our elegant eyes
come on inside

our parallel lives

I was born on Venus
from the city's streets
I crave all knowledge
in primordial seas
and i'll never be
the 33rd degree
i'm lord of the masons in freemasonry
i'm Galileo's muse
or Bukowski's noose
use the universal language
to climb altitudes

i awoke to soon
in London's gloom
as the fog swarms around me
the bell tolls our doom
but y'all never knew
who geppetto slayed
gestapo killed by Zeus
he stepped in His way
its glome and glaim
and no other names
i presume all innocence
in Aztecan rays
my body's grave
with Gods on the ground
I'm dead to the buzzards
they circle around
i hear the knock of
the death knell
it seeps with the sound
found the siren
sings her song how
we worship the "now"

but i awake from a history
of a forgotten sleep
find myself on the pavement
in the Mission streets
its De Sade's only dreams
mask of leprosy
the tentacled creatures
with an Octopus beak

and it's some disease!
and i'm never me
stretches across each dimension
of an infinite stream
i start to waver to the theory
of an alien race
and waste the countless eons
painting some evolving face
but what could it be
but what could we see
if we put our heads in mirrors
and breathe eternity
but what would it mean,
but what could we dream
in the comfort of our happiness
and a calming peace
Track Name: This is the Age, We Do Not Age
at the top of the world, the desert
this is the age
do not age
do not succumb
Track Name: Sergeant Stripes
Wrinkled coats in summer months
Street lights flicker on
Raised forehead
Dried blood
Near her swollen cheeks

She asks for change and they turn away
They continue on
Beneath a misty fog
But do you hear that train rattling on?
It’s only life

Our day to day (say over :30 in song)

He swears I have the look of God
Smitten upon my face
Ingrained in my skin
Pouring from my mouth

I don’t know what to say

A retired marine,
Selling street spirit
Wearing Nike’s, green stripes on every side
It’s his wisdom I remember while
I’m spitting slang

He shows his wounds
As he rolls up his sleeves
You can see
His scar cost infinitely more
Than the alcohol resting on his tongue
It smells cheap
But who am I

And who are you anyways?

We’re all passing by
Watching his shoes fly
There’s this crazed look in his eye,
Staring into mine
And I see myself staring back
So I am him
We could all be him
In some other place and time.

Goodbye Sergeant Stripes
Track Name: Creatures of the Tide (feat. Adam Tunney)
almost 4 years in the making, this is akin to the bubbling pool of compounds that led to the slithering eels and fish to grow legs and dance upon the shore for the first time.

the voice of a universal, almost metaphysical, persona from the past can be heard off in the distance.

from the purgatory of his prison, he attempts an escape one fateful night. He is made known across the space time continuum but no one is there to witness it, except for the two brothers geppetto, glom&glame.

a cosmic radio glows. their eyes forget. but a connection is borne for these creatures crawling up upon the tides.
Track Name: Release the Galactus
Release him now
Release the answers
Release the being
Release the piety

They grew too strong,
Can we release the
That Grow around them?

They grew too strong,
Hear them mock
The names
He can crush them

They grew too wise
Open them up my
Lights of gods will erase their shadows

They grew too wise
Flood their temples
Oceans of gods will drown their movements

You are too kind
Will you allow them
To smash all we have built together?

You are too kind
Can we stand fast
While they corrupt our dreams and meadows?

Now is the time!
We must fill their valleys with waves of everlasting sorrow

Now is the time
Must I beg you
To Release
Let me crush them!

Release Me
Release the fountains
Release Me
Release the wailing

They grew too strong,
Can you release the
Fires of gods
To grow around them?

They grew too strong,
Hear them mock
The names of gods
I can crush them

They grew too wise
Open up the
Lights of gods will erase their shadows

They grew too wise
Flood their temples
Oceans of gods will drown their movement

You are too kind
Will you allow them
To smash all we have built together

You are too kind
Can we stand fast
While they corrupt our dreams and meadows

We must fill their valleys with waves of sorrow